News Item: Pike Perfection electro F5J
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Tuesday 18 February 2014 - 18:01:47

A few information from SAMBA models:
Pike Perfection electro The Pike Perfection or Pike Perfect ET can also be delivered with electro fuse. The fuse can be delivered empty or as most customers prefer with the servos ready installed.Most new Lipo cells also fit well and with an economic setup flying weights can be as low as 1600g if one uses a F5J wing. This means F3J practice can be done with very similar model to the sailplane version (as low as 1800g with SL wing). The size of the nose is big enough for any of the popular large sailplane motors on the market and size of spinner is 40-42mm. Fuse can also be delivered with glass/kevlar front for 2.4ghz receiver installation in front of wing.
F5J Perfection F5J extreme light 1300g Mega ACn 16/15/5E 88g + propeller 10/6" controller CASTLE TALON 35 battery - G6 Pro Power 65C-TP-0850-3S-65C-G6-PPWR Servos ailerons MKS 6100, flaps and fuselage JRDs 386 Some pictures HERE
Other light motor setups:
Mega 16/30/3c+ talon 35 155g
Mega 16/25/4e + talon 35 140g
Mega 16/15/7 + talon 35 105g P
rops 12/6 accu 3s1100mAh

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